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How Do You Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

BED BUGS can enter your home by attaching themselves to furniture, clothing, and luggage. They can also travel along connected wiring and pipes. Unfortunately we have seen a huge resurgence of these disagreeable pests and at BEST PEST CONTROL we are ready to take these critters on.

Sometimes it is obvious to the naked eye that a customer does have a bedbug issue however this is not always true. In that case we use an independent BED BUG Dog INSPECTION COMPANY to confirm if you do indeed have a bedbug issue.One company we have used for years is TOP DOG SCENT DETECTION which trustworthy and reliable.

So now you know, you have bed bugs!  What next?! Since bed bug infestations require the use of pesticides give us a call.

Here at BEST PEST CONTROL we use the LEAST TOXIC registered and certified pesticide to tackle your bedbug issue. We want to eliminate not only the adult bedbug but the immature bedbugs that are hatching from the eggs. All bedbug services come with a guarantee but pesticides do have a residual life and that means the product only lasts for a certain period of time after the initial service. 

There is quite a bit of preparation for the customer and here are the checklists to follow

We offer single room treatments as well as a full house treatment tailored to your particular needs.

Here at Best Pest Control we also use an independent dog bedbug inspection company which is an excellent way to confirm if you do have a bedbug infestation. We have found that some pest control companies have their own bedbug dogs which leads, in our opinion, to a conflict, since it's in that companies best interest to find bedbugs.

We use Top Dog Scent Detection www.bed-bug-sleuth.com (914) 219-5635

All products approved by New York DEC and Connecticut DEEP

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